Top 25 Communications Manager Interview Questions & Answers

After graduating from college, I worked in the agency world and then in non-profit and loved it. I was lucky to have a professor that pushed me to gain as many different experiences as I could through various internships. Jordan was the last internship I had planned as I was heading into my senior year and I sort of never left. They extended my internship and offered me a full-time job, which I accepted and I started the day after I graduated. To do that , they need to have faith that you can do your job well. Be ready to explain how you’ve built good rapport with clients in the past.

This is a common question during an interview, possibly the most asked. It is used as an ice breaker, gets you talking about something comfortable, but you need to have something prepared for a response. The fact is, the interviewer isn’t interested in your life story. Unless asked otherwise, focus on education, your career and present situations. You should work chronologically, starting as far back as possible and working until present.

  • Maybe they should improve the frequency or consistency of their messages.
  • Interviewers don’t want to set you on a path that won’t provide the results you want, resulting in you resigning.
  • The interviewer is more interested in knowing that you are persistent and tenacious; sought after characteristics of a Marketing Communications Manager.
  • Familiarizing yourself with common industry practices and skills is an excellent way to stand out during your interview.
  • It’s a thrill to be able to use my word-crafting skills to generate great publicity for worthy causes.

With this common question, recruiters seek to assess your level of commitment to your career. You can begin by explaining that it is a field you can comprehend easily. Explain how your past jobs and experiences were stepping stones to prepare you for a managerial position in communications.

In case you’re doing those things, you require just sharing a little about your everyday routine of data gathering. In case you’re not doing those things, begin as soon as possible to get updated. Both the industries are altogether different although they’re generally confounded as being one and the same. The reason for advertising is to make mindfulness about items or services to make a sale. The reason PR is to build and improve the reputation of any organization or person. Include examples of the two to disclose to your questioner that you understand the distinction.


The interviewer wants to know whether you have researched about the hiring company. This will tell just how interested or enthusiastic you are about the job. If it turns out that you haven’t undertaken any research, please tell the interviewer and avoid lying. I first determine the best means of reaching the target audience and analyze its feasibility. I then write my communication objectives, including my intentions with the select strategy and target audience. While doing this, I also think of the right channels for information dissemination and outline their activities.

While every employer assumes that these sorts of things play in on some level, these are not the reasons they are going to hire you. Even if you don’t have something that is specific to the role you are applying for, don’t be afraid to list hobbies or other non-work related activities here. Again, this shows your employer you are the go-getter they are looking for. I don’t like questions from hot-heads that seek only to criticize our organization. I try to defuse these with wry humor, accompanied by hard facts that forcefully refute the criticism.

CEOs are personally interviewing PR execs to find chief communications officers. Describe your process for determining the right social media platform to leverage in a PR campaign. See the most common questions in every category assessed by employers and be ready for anything.

corporate relations interview questions

The role of a communications manager is one of the most important roles in any organization. They handle the company’s brand image in the press and the external public and aim to promote brand awareness and visibility. With the advent of the digital age, communications managers also now oversee and handle the company’s digital presence, i.e., websites and social media. Questions will always come from your experience, your character, and your vision as a communications expert. In this article, we explore some of the most common interview questions asked during a corporate communications manager interview along with some great answers to help you win the job. When looking for a communications specialist, companies interview candidates to find someone who can help create a positive brand image.

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You have to give your answer about your procedure of working for any news or events. Try not to use an example where you created the pressure yourself, by waiting too long to start something, or by handling a task irresponsibly at the beginning. For example, working under pressure to meet a customer’s deadline could be a good example, but not if you had waited too long to start the project. You may say that you thrive under certain types of pressure. Give an example that relates to the type of position applied for.

corporate relations interview questions

For me, it really has just come down to my own career goals and what I’ve decided I want to do and where I want to be. My husband and I both are from Oklahoma and knew at some point we wanted to make a move out of state. I had never really focused on one specific industry—for me it was about being 25, newly married and needing a job. Think about a time when this happened to you, how you successfully navigated it and things you would have done differently in hindsight from a “proactive, not reactive” mindset.

More Questions About Public Relations

You need to hire someone who has the experience, skills, and resourcefulness to put forward your agency/clients via media outlets to create and maintain a positive public image. Top 5 content editor interview questions with detailed tips for both hiring managers and candidates. Some candidates think using elaborate techniques to “talk around” difficult questions keeps them in the power position. Try taking control in these situations by saying something like “While I don’t have experience in that particular area, I feel my experience in this area may be beneficial”. Use the following questions to assess the candidate’s knowledge and capabilities. Assess their familiarity with digital channels as well as PR campaign strategies.

While your interviewer won’t expect you to have in-depth company history, a little here can go a long way. Communications specialists are responsible for the image of a company. It is important to be sure that you select the most appropriate social media vehicle as opposed to just “doing social media for the sake of doing social media.” I have to give a notice period of 2 weeks to my present employer. Fortunately, I am an exceptionally positive person, who finds a silver lining with every cloud. When negativity hits, I start thinking of a solution to move things towards positivity.

Tell me about your PR career to date–campaigns you’ve created from scratch, highlights, any awards, and the projects you’re most proud of. The PR role demands a resourceful and exuberant personality with excellent interpersonal skills. Project Practical is a management and career blog that was created by business professionals. Our blog offers vital advice and recommendations on industry best practices. I am a great lover of CNN and BBC news since they bring me up to speed with different world stories. I normally ensure that I have watched the news before my day starts and after it ends.

Then you’ll work on your materials and will assist in any communication or media problem the managers may face on a given day. You can also also explain how your past experience prepared you for this role, and say that you fell the time is right for you to progress the career ladder. As indicated above, research on the company you’re applying for is critically Corporate Mobile Messenger Development important. Arm yourself with knowledge on the products, services, and types of customers this company deals with. You may even want to let them know who you feel their competition is! Beyond trying to make yourself look good, researching the culture of the company can provide great insights into whether or not you and your potential employer are aligned.

They taught me what hard work really was, and how to work hard and work smart at the same time. They also taught me how to juggle, how to prioritize and how to influence others to move things ahead. Having a seat at the table is important, but having an opinion that adds value when it’s needed most is powerful. This is typically the first question that interviewers ask to get to know your understanding of communications. The best answer would be to describe communications in context with a company e.g.

corporate relations interview questions

I attended seminars on personal development and managerial skills improvement. Tell me about a couple of public relations problems that you’ve run into and what you did to overcome them. A friend of mine recently shared a lesson that she learned the hard way—if you don’t ask for it, you’re not going to get it. You also need to make your case, do your research and demonstrate why you deserve it. You own your career, and you can’t wait for others to make decisions for you.

Why Do You Think You Are The Right Candidate To This Position?

In telling your story, briefly describe the negative part of the situation, and then concentrate on the resolution and positive outcome. Some topics, however, are best not discussed at this point. Avoid asking questions about the salary expectation or office setup. The best topics to ask about are the company’s work culture, the training process for new hires, or how the company measures performance. This is your chance to tell the recruiters why they should choose you over the other applicants. Answer this question in an engaging way by telling a compelling story of who you are in the field of communications and the way you work.

Recruiters appreciate answers that are straight to the point. Recruiters ask this question to see if you have planned your career path. Through your answer, the recruiters will be able to tell if working for them is just a temporary plan or if you’re planning on building a long-term career with the company. In this question, your recruiters want to know how you spend a productive day at work.

The content of the message is often far from truth, or, said more precisely, it doesn’t reveal the entire truth. It is marketing, image, it is something they want people to believe. If you want to succeed, you need to devote enough time to your preparation. Do a good research about your prospective employer, and try to prepare answers to all questions from our list. Even if there aren’t any apparent tasks to handle, you’ll work on improving the existing communication in the company, or think about new strategies and plans in this regard. What’s more, they typically do not hire beginners for this position.

corporate relations interview questions

This is because major corporations’ top PR execs now have to grapple with hot-button issues like sustainability and diversity, equity, and inclusion. And often, these interview questions are being asked by the CEO, who is getting involved earlier in the hiring process. Below are 20 questions every student needs to know when answering interview questions for any PR position. See which questions you can answer with ease and the areas you need to refine. Salaries for public relations officers range between $82K and $139K with the median being $108K.

Be A More Productive Social Media Marketer

Often times, an interviewee will start talking salary before they’ve had an opportunity to illustrate their skill set and value making any sort of leverage valueless. Here, knowledge is power, as salary often comes down to negotiation. Tailor your hiring process according to the seniority and responsibility of the position. If you want a senior professional who can carry the whole communications department on their shoulders, look for a high level of expertise and industry experience. On the other hand, if talent and potential are your focus, you could look for a bright public relations or journalism graduate showing signs of resourcefulness and enthusiasm.

What Advice Would You Give To Your Clients Around How To Present Themselves On Social Media?

An easy question to answer well with one caveat – don’t slam your fellow interviewee’s. On the one hand, you have an opportunity to really stand out from the pack. Alternatively, You shouldn’t assume the skills of other applicants. Focus on your own strengths, and if the interviewer hasn’t given you an opportunity to mention that one “slam dunk” quality about yourself, now would be the time. The person giving the interview has a job to do as well – respect their time.

You must have come across this question in several interviews. It is usually asked to know what irked your interest in the position or job listing. Also, tell the interviewer what the company will enjoy from your engagement. Check their social media channels, press mentions, their website, any messages they let into the outside world. This is no easy job, and you can expect a difficult interview. Managers realize very well an impact you can have on their business as a communications specialist.

Tell me what you do to stay current on legal and regulatory issues that affect your position. Below are approximations of the amount of time you’ll spend carrying out key functions of the position. Well, I have three young boys (a 7-year-old, 5-year-old and a 3-year-old) so spare time isn’t really something that’s part of my reality at this stage in my life.

Regardless of what hobbies you choose to showcase, remember that the goal is to prove self-sufficiency, time management, and motivation. Try to include improvement activities that relate to the job. A wide variety of activities can be mentioned as positive self-improvement.