Single Step Vs Multi Step Income Statement

multi step income statement

As you can see in the visual below, we start by calculating gross profit, and then operating income, and then eventually net income. Merchandising companies prepare financial statements at the end of a period that include the income statement, balance sheet, statement of cash flows, and statement of retained earnings. The presentation format for many of these statements is left up to the business. For the income statement, this means a company could prepare the statement using a multi-step format or a simple format (also known as a single-step format). Business owners tend to want to analyze income statements either monthly, quarterly, or annually. A personal balance sheet is a financial statement that shows how financially healthy a person is.

Operating income is the profit that results from normal business operations. This figure is found by subtracting the remaining operating expenses from gross profit. Operating expenses are costs that are incurred to support the company’s regular operations. Single-step income statements calculate the business’s net income by subtracting losses and expenses from gains and revenue. These statements don’t have a high level of detail and are useful when making an assessment that depends on profits or net income. To prepare a multi-step income statement, you must first calculate the gross profit by subtracting the cost of goods sold from the revenue.

multi step income statement

Additionally, the multi-step income statement segregates operating and non-operating income. This enables you to analyze how much of net income for the period derived from normal business activities. Single-step income statements do not offer this detailed breakdown in each area, which restricts thorough analysis of income. Non-operating revenue and expenses may be one-time events that do not affect the long-term viability of your business. The multi-step income statement includes multiple subtotals within the income statement. This layout makes it easier for readers to aggregate selected types of information within the report, especially in regard to the core operations of a business. In short, this approach makes it easier to understand the financial results of a business.

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In the final step, the net income is calculated by computing all the non-operating expenses and gains. These expenses or incomes are not related to the company’s normal business activity. For example, insurance compensation received by the company or paying off of any lawsuit claim. A multiple-step income statement is a better and detailed substitute to the single step income statement that calculates the net income of the business using just a single equation.

  • Investors and creditors can evaluate how well a company performs its main functions separate from any other activities the business is involved in.
  • This is an example of an income statement and shows some of the common items you’ll find on an income statement.
  • It is possible that management could deliberately shift expenses out of the cost of goods sold category and into operating expenses in order to falsely imply an improvement in gross margins.
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This information helps you make timely decisions to make sure that your business is on a good financial footing. The above example is one of the simplest types of income statements, where you apply the values of income, expense, gains and loss into the equation to arrive at the net income. Since it is based on a simple calculation, it is called asingle-step income statement. As discussed before, the multi-step income statement is divided into three phases or steps. The first step includes calculation of the gross profit, the second step calculates the operating income, and the third step helps us in computation of the net income. A multi-step income statement also focuses on revenue, expenses, and the profit or loss of a business. Still, it uses multiple equations to calculate the net income or yield of the company.

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Unlike a single-step format, multi-step formats don’t only focus on net income but offer an additional level of detail by calculating two more income-related figures. The type of income statement you choose depends on the level of financial detail you are looking for, and the type of business you operate. The articles and research support materials available on this site are educational and are not intended to be investment or tax advice. All such information is provided solely for convenience purposes only and all users thereof should be guided accordingly.

  • It also includes extraordinary items of revenues and expenses which are infrequent and unusual such as loss due to natural calamity.
  • Operating expenses are costs that are incurred to support the company’s regular operations.
  • A multi-step income statement shows the subtotals that are used to obtain the net income of your business, which can help give you a better idea of how your business is generating its income.
  • When calculating gross profit, no other expenditures are included apart from the cash inflow from the sale of goods and cash outflow from the purchase of goods.
  • The multi-step income statement provides businesses with detailed information on their business health and profitability.

Multi-Step Income Statements take more time than single-step income statements, however, they give the company evaluating them an advantage when it comes to finding trends in the data being represented. A multi-step income statement classifies the revenues, expenses, losses, and gains into operating and non-operating sections . Many private companies elect to follow GAAP, even though they aren’t legally obligated to do so. In any case, GAAP gives companies the option of issuing either single-step or multiple-step income statements, depending on how they’re structured. Each type of income statement presents both advantages and disadvantages.

Balance Sheet Vs Income Statement: Which One Should I Use?

It also helps in understanding the difference in the performance of the operating and non-operating activities. The first step involves the calculation of gross profit, which is computed by subtracting cost of goods sold from the amount of total sales. This helps in analyzing the profitability of the firm in manufacturing or selling its products. A healthy gross profit is a good sign for the company and also for its creditors, as it shows the ability of the company to pay off their debts. The gross profit is also a good way to measure the profitability of a company from its core business activities. No other expenses or income apart from the cash outflow for the purchase of goods and cash inflow from sale is included in the gross profit calculation.

multi step income statement

The income statement is also known as a profit and loss statement, statement of operation, statement of financial result or income, or earnings statement. This example of a multi-step income statement gives you an insight into the final report.

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It differentiates the operating and non-operating incomes and expenses, which ultimately shows earnings from main business activities as compared to non-essential activities. This section includes all of the income and expenses that are directly related to the company’s core business operations. The second section, non-operating income, calculates the net income from operations.

  • Shareholders need only focus on the net income figure, to gauge a company’s overall vitality.
  • Your choice of format depends on what you intend to use your income statement for, and what level of financial detail you’re intending to provide.
  • Other items that normally include the other income include the income that the entity generates from sales of fixed assets or other one-off income-generating activities.
  • Operating head covers revenues and expenses that directly relate to the primary activities of the business.
  • This section includes all of the income and expenses from both the operating and non-operating sections.
  • Because gross profit focuses only on sales revenue and cost of goods sold, business owners have a better idea about how profitable their core business operation really is.
  • To calculate net income, you will need to add your operating income with any positive and negative non-operating items.

This could be considered a form of financial statement fraud, and can only be perpetrated when the multi-step format is used, since readers are focusing on the content of the presented subtotals. The next step is to subtract multi step income statement the total of your operating expenses from your gross profit in order to arrive at operating income. Operating income measures the amount of income from operations excluding all non-operating income and expenses.


Because gross profit focuses only on sales revenue and cost of goods sold, business owners have a better idea about how profitable their core business operation really is. For an expense or income to be called a non-operating activity, it should be an extraordinary item that is not part of the company’s operations. Examples of a non-operating income include gain from the sale of an asset, gain incurred in foreign exchange dealings, dividend income and profit from investments. It’s an alternative to the single-step income statement that allows users of the statement to better determine the profitability of the company and how much of it is contributed by the core operations. However, the multi-step approach can still yield misleading results if management alters where expenses are recorded in the statement. For example, an expense may be shifted out of the cost of goods sold area and into the operating expenses area, resulting in a presumed improvement in the gross margin.

multi step income statement

The single-step income statement is simpler and easier to prepare than the multi-step income statement. However, the multi-step income statement provides more detailed information about a company’s financial performance. Another useful income figure calculated by the multi-step format is operating income. A business’s operating income is calculated by subtracting its operating expenses from its gross profit. A major benefit of a multi-step income statement is the demonstration of gross profit. This allows you to see how much the company is earning on sales before operating income is considered.

The income statement calculates the net income of a company by subtracting total expenses from total income. As the name indicates, a multi-step income statement shows multiple steps in Income Statement. To understand this concept in a better way, we have to first understand what is an income statement and a single-step income statement.

  • This sample multi-step income statement from Accounting Coach shows the layout of a multi-step income statement with the separation between operating and non-operating activities.
  • An income statement is a rich source of information about the key factors responsible for a company’s profitability.
  • A multi-step income statement is also called a classified income statement.
  • The simple income statement might be more appropriate for external use, as a summary for investors and lenders.

Accounting Accounting software helps manage payable and receivable accounts, general ledgers, payroll and other accounting activities. Extra-ordinary items are isolated and shown under the ‘non-operating items’ head what is an advantage of using the multiple-step income statement? To suggest that they are one-off events and will not recur every period. Thus, a stock analyst can ignore them while valuing a business entity for a potential merger and acquisition scenario. Is a terms editor at The Balance, a role in which he focuses on providing clear answers to common questions about personal finance and small business.

These are collected in different line items in a company’s accounting software platform. Things like cost of goods sold, advertising and other expenses required for the business to perform would go under the operating expenses category.

What Is The Difference Between A Single Step And A Multi

Discover and calculate commonly used financial ratios, including current ratio, debt ratio, and gross margin. Also, if a company plans to go for a debt or get new investors, then a multi-step income statement is the right option.

This is also one of the reasons why multi-step statements are useful — even if your revenues and expenses are straightforward. When you apply for a loan, you’re required to submit a multi-step statement. You now must waste valuable time trying to sort through everything on your income statement to figure out what goes where. It’s no surprise that the main advantage of the multi-step format comes from the in-depth figures it provides. Unlike the single-step format’s focus on net income, the multi-step income statement uses the additional level of detail to calculate two more income-related figures. Both of these income statements give you basic information, such as expenses, revenues, and the profits or losses your business made during the accounting period.